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Part #: UTAP20W
Open to all suppliers!
Supplier Note:
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* Start Time:
14-Oct-2011 5:09PM
* End Time:
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$Best Offer
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Ship to Destination:
Camarillo United States
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Phone Number:
805-388-1711 x213
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Hologic Medical ASY-00615 PADDLES, MAMMOGRAPHY - (RM) SEL 10CM MAGNIFICATION PADDLE 20 $61.20 Quote Now Working (New) 1411626
Hologic Medical ASY-00603 PADDLES, MAMMOGRAPHY - (RM) SEL 10CM OPEN LOCALIZATION PADDLE 24 $195.50 Quote Now Working (New) 1411627
Hologic Medical ASY-00602 PADDLE, SELENIA 10CM PERF. LOCALIZATION 5 $159.90 Quote Now Working (New) 1411628
Hologic Medical ASY-00605 PADDLE, SELENIA 15CM PERF. LOCALIZATION 3 $165.75 Quote Now Working (New) 1411629
Hologic Medical ASY-00612 PADDLES, MAMMOGRAPHY - (RM) SEL 18X24 FAST PADDLE W/SHIFT 120 $178.50 Quote Now Working (New) 1411630
Hologic Medical ASY-00610 PADDLES, MAMMOGRAPHY - (RM) SEL 18X24 FRAMELESS SPOT PADDLE 12 $187.00 Quote Now Working (New) 1411631
Hologic Medical 3-000-1528 4 RECT CPRSN PLT 140 $20.40 Quote Now Working (New) 1411617
Hologic Medical 4-000-0144 PADDLE AASY, 15CM OPEN 12 $19.50 Quote Now Working (New) 1411618
Hologic Medical ASY-00528 PADDLES, MAMMOGRAPHY - (RM) ASSY, CROSSHAIR, MIV/SELN, AVG WHITE 32 $119.00 Quote Now Working (New) 1411619
Hologic Medical ASY-00566 PADDLE, M4 10CM MAGNIFICATION 4 $39.00 Quote Now Working (New) 1411620
Hologic Medical ASY-00585 PADDLE, M4 15CM PERFORATED LOCALIZATION 1 $79.95 Quote Now Working (New) 1411621
Hologic Medical ASY-00591 PADDLE, M4 18X24 FAST 2 $62.40 Quote Now Working (New) 1411622
Hologic Medical ASY-00592 PADDLE, M4 24X30 FAST 2 $68.25 Quote Now Working (New) 1411623
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